• Multi Port Forwarder

    multi port forwarder

    All-in-one port forwarding and traffic reflection for TCP/IP and UDP/IP. No routers needed! Select traffic by Port,IPv4,IPv6,DNS,MAC,Adapter and forward to another Port,IPv4,IPv6,DNS,MAC,Adapter.

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  • DNS Proxywall

    dns resolver log

    Real-time DNS traffic monitoring. Detection of suspicious activity right as it happens. Selective blocking of domain names with flexible patterns. IP blocking of non-DNS resolved addresses. Persistent DNS cache that accelerates web browsing and allows its sharing with others.
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  • Geo Firewall

    Geo Firewall

    An effective way to restrict all network communication to only selected list of countries. It blocks communication with countries and geographical territories by analyzing all incoming and outgoing network traffic. It is compatible with many existing security products, thus can serve as an additional layer of security.

    • More than 200 territories
    • Geographical proximity grouping
    • Exclusions for reserved networks
    • Animated hints for actions
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  • Geo Router / Geo Proxy

    Geo Router

    A geography based router that can work with a single network card having a single IP address. This is a perfect router for the cloud environment when partitioning or isolation of traffic from specific countries is needed.

    • More than 200 territories
    • Routing targets: IPv4, IPv6, or both
    • Verification of routing target reachablility upon rules submission
    • The same rules work for public and private subnets
    • Network Address Translation
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  • Virtual Ethernet Hub

    virtual ethernet hub

    The virtual appliance which makes it easy to build a custom virtual Ethernet hub. Network adapters (internal, USB, WiFi) are assigned to slots of the hub. Each slot has its own settings.

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