We build custom network monitoring NDIS filter drivers, custom monitors and managers of internal Windows objects, and software that performs analysis of IP, TCP, UDP, and HTTP protocols, picks up data from the network and sends the data and notifications to the screen, log file, database, COM components, or issues Email alerts. The support for other protocols can be added. The data acquisition is performed by observing all traffic on a subnet or by directing traffic through our monitoring software.

Network monitoring software can be extended with a generic or a custom built user interface including web-based access, basic console application, or a multifunctional Windows client.

Analytical part of the software can be bolstered with advanced statistical models, report generation, cyclical analysis, load forecasting, and data exchange with other software.

Network monitoring software

For small projects requiring basic network monitoring not available through standard tools, a simple console application is the best choice. Low cost and short development cycle yield a high return on investment.

This type of effort has a flexible pricing model with fixed initial investment for development and/or substantial volume discounts.

On-site consulting

Some projects that involve integration with proprietary technologies accessible only at designated facilities may benefit from using our on-site development services. The whole or a part of the software development effort can be performed on-site at the client's facilities within the continental U.S. Slight discounts available for locations within the Orange County, San Diego, and Los Angeles, CA.

Off-site development

Projects having no restrictions on geographical presence can take the full advantage of the off-site software development. There is no overhead associated with providing facilities and equipment to consultants. Regular status updates and milestone complete meetings are just a few exmaples of flexible communication tailored to individual needs.

Source code evaluation

Some of the network monitoring products that were developed long and not so long ago may no longer be confirming to the latest industry standards or having reduced performance due to abnormalities within their code base. The evaluation of the source code can highlight the origins of the observed issues and can point out problematic in the future areas. The coverage of the source code evaluation can be customized to span from static code analysis to real-time product testing.