Verigio was founded by the leading industry professionals and enthusiasts with a simple vision to create the high performance and easy to use network security products. We bring to masses the performance and reliability of enterprise grade solutions. The past experience of our founders in cyber security, embedded devices, and low level technologies paved the way for the future of our company.

The path to where we currently are has started in 2009 with the research in reshaping of inter-system connectivity over wired networks. Then, it expanded into adjacent areas of smart and geographical firewalling, network caching, optimization, and routing. With time, the core of our technology has emerged as a low level device driver framework that now manages the most sensitive aspects of the systems networking. We applaud our management and software development teams for bringing to life the award winning products.

We are located in the melting pot of technological innovation of Southern California - the Orange County. Many great companies were started in Orange County and evolved to become the world's largest conglomerates. We are proud to work side by side with them and to have them as our customers.

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