About Us

We are located at the heart of Orange County, California - the city of Costa Mesa. We enjoy the great business climate offered to us by the city and the county. The county itself is a home to a large number of prominent companies, it is also a local hub for high technology startups. For that reason in the press the county is termed Silicon Valley South.

The development of technology we base our products on has started in 2009. Initially, the focus was on user-mode applications for network traffic processing that allowed simple traffic restriction and redirection. As the time went by, the performance constrains of user-mode applications became apparent and the development has shifted towards the high performance kernel-mode drivers. There has been a lot of work put into the building out the quality code that allows to work with traffic at the level of device drivers without bringing the traffic into the user-mode. And the results speak for themselves. After achieving high performance marks on the driver code, Verigio Communications has incorporated as a California company in 2013. Since then, we serve our customers by delivering high performance network management technology where it is needed.


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Licensing/Sales and project purchases: sales@verigio.com

Consulting: consulting@verigio.com

Technical Support: support@verigio.com