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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I install uninstall your products?

Our products have a standard installer / uninstaller. After installation, the software can be uninstalled just like any other program: Open Programs and Features by clicking the Start button, clicking Control Panel, then navigating to Programs, and then clicking Programs and Features.

Do your products work with(via) VPN?

No. VPNs intercept all traffic and send it via their own channel. Multi Port Forwarder works in a somewhat similar way. So the situation becomes like having 2 different VPN programs trying to send the traffic in their separate ways. Hence, we do not recommend using any of our products with VPNs.

Which virtualization platforms your products work with?

The functionality of our products was tested under VMware Workstation. We expect our products to work properly under the VMware virtualization environment.

Do you support Hyper-V?

No. Our programs do not work with Hyper-V is installed.

How does the product activation work?

All products have the same executables for all their editions. There is no need to reinstall when transitioning from 30-day trial to a permanent license. A permanent license can be free or paid. It allows to use the software beyond the first 30 days.

When products are first installed, they start in 30-day trial mode. After the trial period, the software has to be activated with one of the serial keys purchased or obtained at our website. For most products, activation can be performed online or via Email. Use the menu Help->Activation to bring up the activation dialog. Then, enter or copy-paste the serial key in the boxes and follow the instructions. Online activation is usually the fastest way to activate a product. It usually takes about 5 minutes for our servers to process the activation request. So after sending the activation request, you would want to come back and continue the activation process. Our programs do not store serial keys locally for security purposes, so you would need to re-enter the serial key again.

During the activation process, programs send a standard HTTP request to our servers with hashes of the information pertaining to the serial key and the computer the software is activated on. This information cannot be reverse engineered into the information it was generated from - it is a security feature. The transmission is performed over secure SSL connection. The activation process completes when our servers provide the activation license file. This file is stored as a regular file locally and is used by the software during its subsequent use. The activation license file is the same no matter the method of activation (online or Email). It is stored in:

c:\Users\[USER_NAME]\AppData\Roaming\Verigio Communications\*.vlic

Where is the configuration (settings) for your programs are stored?

The configuration files are stored in folders for each product in:


Which versions of a product a serial key is valid for?

Each serial key allows to use the same product with the same major version number. For example, version 3.14 has a major version number 3. Hence, the serial key will be valid for all 3.xx releases of that product.

Do I need a new serial key if I reinstall the software?

No. When reinstalling the software on the same computer, the license information from the previous activation will automatically be applied.

Do I need to activate the program for every user who uses the program?

Yes. You may use the same serial key at no charge to activate the program for multiple users on the same computer.

What do I do if I get the message: "Unable to verify trust" or "Unable to communicate with the driver"?

This message is usually comes up when Windows 10 performs a major change (an update) in its configuration which disrupts communication between parts of our software. You'll just need to reinstall the program and reboot the computer. This should fix the issue.

Email Support

As a part of your support request please include the following:

1. Product name and version

2. Operating system (Windows 7, 8, 10)

3. Your name

4. Your contact coordinates (eg. Email)

5. Description of the issue and how often it is encountered


Please Email support requests to

Phone support can be arranged only after the prior Email authorization.